Pet Safety: Signs to help you know when your pet is stressed

Studies have shown that pet ownership has a lot of benefits, both physically and mentally. However, it is also important to consider that like a human, pets also undergo stress which could make your pets edgy and sensitive.

Stressed pets have a tendency to scratch or bite back which is a natural defense mechanism when pained or feel threatened.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid accidents by knowing the signs of pet stress and be able to know how to deal with it.

Two of the most common pets known to man are cats and dogs- both of which have their own unique personalities and stress-triggering conditions such as climate changes, heat waves, health issues, etc.

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Warning signs for dogs:

  • Change in behavior- refusing to eat or groom, irregular sleeping patterns, lacking interest in the environment or an increase in reactivity.
  • Lacks confidence- Unable to face challenges, even within the home environment. A formerly confident dog may run away or hide from a new situation or challenge.
  • Excessive salivation, panting or intermittent unexplained vomiting.
  • A highly-stressed dog may exhibit repetitive behavior such as sudden tail chasing, excessive pacing or shadow staring.
  • Constant cowering, with the tail down or ears flattening.

Warning signs for cats:

*Excessive attention- seeking behavior with its owner.

*Increased indoor markings such as urine spraying, scratching and fecal activity anywhere in the house..

*Lack of interest in human interaction

*Increased sleep-time or erratic sleeping patterns

*Constant salivation, unexplained vomiting, or regurgitation. Change in physical appearance.

When you see start to notice these signs with your pets, always remind yourself, get to the nearest vet hospital near me. You pet cat or dog may be having health or mental issues that need immediate intervention.